If you ask our long-standing teammates why they first joined DoveLewis, you’ll hear things like:

"Exceptional medicine."

"A commitment to teaching and learning."

"Opportunities to innovate."

And all of that is true. But if you asked them why they’ve stayed here, you’ll hear that they’re inspired by the dedication they see every day in their clients and in their teammates. They stay because they’re part of something bigger, advancing the level of medical care for animals all over the world. They stay because of the family we’re building, a group of talented, compassionate and intelligent people working together for a common cause.

We stay because we can do some good together. Will you join us?

  • Ron Morgan

    President & CEO

    “ “DoveLewis is a beloved part of our community and it is unlike anywhere I've ever worked. I love being part of something different and special. And what makes it so special are the people who work here and those who support us.” ”

  • Shana O'Marra, DVM, DACVECC

    Chief Medical Officer

    “ Whether it is pursuing the best possible medical care we can offer a patient, or taking the time to truly help a client in need, our team puts their heart into everything they do. The human animal bond is honored in so many ways, every day ”